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The public is present

Tournai Academy of Fine Art, 2016

This installation was shown in an old plaster sculpture workshop that I partially emptied. Then, I came to place A3 labels, on which is written: the title, the date and, more specifically, the posture probably taken by the spectator.

For Example: "It's less strong, 2016, Posture of a visitor looking in profile, one hand scratching his chin, the other holding his ribs."

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

I thus divert the very function of the cartel which no longer presents the work - absent - but rather the visitor, that is to say the one who makes the work, in the same way diverting Duchamp's formula affirming that "it is the viewer who makes the painting ". This setting in abyss of the viewer suggests on his part a self-criticism of his role in the exhibition.

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