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Video 5min28

The video work takes the form of an interview with the artist's grandmother on the occasion of the “Artrit” exhibition given at her home, behind closed doors. The grandmother becomes the curator of an exhibition to which no one is invited. Benoit Bastin, for his part, is the art critic who interviews him on the meaning of the exhibition showing his own works of art. The “postures”, reworked porcelain statuettes, are romanticized representations of life from the past. This popular production with a kitsch character is the subject of the questions asked. Nevertheless, the answers of the interviewee quickly manifest a shift: she reveals herself to evoke her personal problems. The exhibition becomes a pretext to talk about his own life and finally to wish for his imminent death. Despite this, the art critic continues to ask questions about the exhibition, which creates an embarrassing sort of deaf dialogue.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Text by Robin Legge

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